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Balcony Panel Units

Browse the collection of our Balcony Panel Units products, You'll definitely find what you are looking for.


W-60.0" H-23.0"
Weight-32.5 Kg

BFR-405 & BFR-405A(Side Grill)

W-27.5" H-30.0" & W-9.0" H-30.0"
Weight-20.0 Kg & 7.0 Kg

BFR-406 & BFR-406A(Side Grill)

W-36.5" H-30.5" & W-16.5" H-30.5"
Weight-30.0 Kg & 14.0 Kg


W-35.5" H-12.0"
Weight-10.5 KG

BFR-416A & BFR-416B

W-49.0" H-28.25" & W-16.0" H-28.25"
Weight-56.8 Kg & 21.4 Kg


W-78.0" H-29.5"
Weight-127.2 Kg


W-97.0" H-30.0"
Weight-64.0 Kg

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